About Us

About Us

Cheap Replica Blades is a Manufacturing and Trading company that offers the widest range of Collectibles Replica Swords, Daggers, Katanas, Damascus Hunting knives, Helmets, Shields, Fantasy Swords & Armors worldwide. We have our manufacturing units in Pakistan and China, this allows us to offer services at the most competitive prices. CRB has been offering its services to numerous other retailers, importers and shop owners SINCE 2011 allowing them to save huge on the manufacturing cost.


Our top most priority is to serve our customers with products with international quality standards. And each of our orders is carefully inspected by our skilled Quality-Control department to overcome any problems related to the products.


We have been well renowned for the following reasons

  • Most Competitive Prices
  • High-Quality Stainless steel construction
  • Durable and elegant items
  • Approved materials usage
  • Fast Order processing
  • Skilled manufacturers and craftsmanship
  • Realistic & Accurate Details on all replica swords
  • Skilled QC Staff for ensuring the quality & Balance of product
  • Expert Sales Team to ensure 100% Customer Service & Satisfaction

Product Range

We claim to hold the widest product range ever seen for a company. Some of our noteworthy products are as below:

  • Anime Swords – all kinds of anime swords including but not limited to SAO, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece
  • Movies & TV Swords – from the popular titles like Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Blade, Game of Thrones, 300 and Gladiator etc.
  • Video Games Swords – reproduced from the franchises like Final Fantasy, Halo, Devil May Cry, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts and many more.
  • Belly Dance Scimitars – Well balanced and delicate swords that are usable in actual performances
  • Fantasy Swords – Custom made ornamental props featuring fancy designs.
  • Damascus Hunting Knives – offering the widest Damascus steel knives range, each one carrying a unique design.
  • Helmets & Shields –  reproduced from the series like Captain America & 300 etc, and are usable in actual cosplays.
  • Much More…

Exclusive Services

We offer many exclusive services that are never seen before in the industry. Some of them are discussed below

  • Custom Orders
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Wide Range of Items
  • Huge Discounts
  • Instant Response
  • Customer Care even after the successful delivery
  • Your own Logo/Branding Etching on products
  • Fast Free Shipping (within weeks)

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