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Bleach Zaraki Kenpachi Zanpakuto Sword

Sword Overall Length: 69.5"
Blade Length: 48.25"
Handle Length: 21.25"
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Handle: White Cotton Cloth Wrapped

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The massive Katana sword having a stainless steel blade with a pointed tip. This is known as the Zaraki Zanpakuto (Kenpachi Shikai) and is well-renowned for its destructive powers and blasts. This magnificent Bleach sword has a shape and size similar to that of a nodachi. Beware, as this Anime Sword killed numerous beasts and Soul Reapers with no regret at all. Kenpachi sword features an elegant brass finish hilt with white cotton cloth around it. Its guard is the most classy thing due to the shape and antique brass finish. There???s no chance this sword may disappoint any Bleach Swords collector as it carries the exact details of the real thing. Features: Blade material: Stainless steel Handle covered with white cotton cloth A colossal Katana sword like that of the traditional nodachi/odachi

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