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How/Why our Prices are so low?

CRB is a manufacturing and wholesale trading company. We buy raw material in bulk which allows us to eliminate the cost to the maximum extent possible. The individual prices for each sword are shown next to it. These prices are applicable when you buy in the desired amount (3 – 10 pieces) but when you place a higher order (11 – 100) you’ll definitely get discounted rates like never before. Suppose that if you buy 3 pieces of a sword, we charge $30 for each piece but when you buy 30 pieces of the product, you would get a discount of  approximately $10, however, the quantity and values of the product wouldn't  affect the quality of our delivered blades.

The perk of being our customer

We manufacture swords with high-quality Stainless Steel that lasts for years. Regardless of our low rates, it is our top most priority to serve our customers with the best quality items. Unlike other manufacturers, despite the quantity of your order, you would still be served with the same excellent quality as in an order prepared in bulk. 


You can place a minimum order of any 5 blades from the IN-stock items/blades through our catalogs however in case of custom orders you would be able to place an order for minimum 100 item/blades. Subscribe to our newsletter and become a member for exclusive offers and discounts for up to 15%.