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History of Damascus

Damascus Knives are the knives made of Damascus Steel. The Damascus steel was a type of steel originally manufactured in Middle Eastern especially South India. The thing that made it distinctive was the quality of the steel. The swords and knives made of Damascus steel were considered resistant to breaking and shattering no matter how much force was applied to them. One more character of such weapons was the elegant and unique water-flow like pattern found on the blades.

Does Damascus Steel still exist?

In the current era, the Damascus steel is believed to be perished meaning it doesn’t exist anymore. But several manufacturers (including some big names in the industry) claim that they have reclaimed the Damascus steel or developed a technique to make genuine and organic Damascus Steel Knives. These are probably just myths but no one can say for sure.

Which Damascus Steel is worthy?

One more thing is that it doesn’t matter if the Damascus steel is genuine or fake. The thing that matters is the quality, shape and the natural pattern/engravings. So if one meets such requirements, then it is considered as worthy weapons and showpieces. The Full tang construction is a must otherwise there’s no benefit of purchasing such weapons at all.

Damascus Knives at CRB

CRB produces all of its Damascus Knives from high-quality stainless steel along with durable and certified raw materials like Bull Horns and Camel Bones etc. The engravings will look 100% making our Damascus Knives a worthy collectible, showpiece, wall hangers and ornamental items. Visit our Damascus Steel Knives Category to see more details.

Custom Damascus/Order your own Damascus

The main benefit that you will get from us is that we allow custom orders for Damascus knives. Meaning that you can tell us your own design for Damascus knives to make them look exactly what you want. We will manufacture it accordingly. Following are some of the customizations offered on our Damascus steel knives.

Your pattern
Material choice
Blade length
Blade sharpness
Blade type

Send us your Enquiry Immediately

Contact us immediately if there’s any design in your mind because you won’t remember it for long. Send an email to the link below mentioning your requirements and get a price quote within minutes.