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Spartan Warrior Spear

Spartan Warrior Spear Overall Length: 83"
Two Piece metal shaft Screws together
Black finished Metal construction

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This movie spear belongs to the 300 movie and is used by the Spartan warriors. The long metal spear includes heavy metal construction with a needle like tip. This spear replica contains two shafts that are mounted together to form this long weapon. The shafts are firmly attached by means of hardware and won???t get apart without your will. The benefit of such a Spear of Sparta is that it will prove as a great exhibition item/display item and a long lasting replica. Grab this Spartan Spear and protect the holy land of Sparta. Features: Black finish elegant spear Full metal construction Heavy weight and durable Shafts are screwed together and can be detach anytime Tip is needle like sharp Carries exact details as seen in the 300 movie

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