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How to Buy from CRB?

Many people still ask us the same question. Actually, there’s no shopping option available on this site but it doesn’t mean you can’t actually buy from us. In order to do so, you’ll have to follow the following steps.

STEP 1 - Add items to your Cart

First, add items to your cart. Select as many items as you want. Don’t worry about the price while you’re doing so. The prices are order sensitive, you can get discounts depending upon the quantity of your order

STEP 2 - Go to Checkout Page

After you’ve added items to your cart, go to the checkout page where you will find a form. The form is nothing but a simpler and easier way to specify your requirements. While doing so, we suggest you be relevant and specific about your requirements.

STEP 3 - Specify your requirements in the form

You can tell us what you’d like your swords to look like, what color you want and which kind of steel you’d prefer. As a manufacturer, we have the ability to meet your specifications accurately.

STEP 4 - Mention your Desired Quantity

You can ask us how many pieces you’d like of the same product so that we may give you a quoted price. Please note that the higher quantity would lead to greater discounts.

STEP 5 - Submit and that's it

Once you’ve filled the form and mentioned your requirements, click on the submit button to send us your inquiry.

Enter Genuine Information

Note that you’ll be required to input your valid and working email address. A mobile phone or telephone number is a plus point and it will help us contact you directly. It is recommended that you enter your genuine information.

Contact us and a real human will reply in minutes

If there’s something else you’d like to ask us, contact us directly at this email address and we will be happy to provide a solution.